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Sunday, August 07, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/28/2017

I am a word of 02 letters.
My 02, 0, 0, 0, 0 is an Eastern beast of burden.
My 0, 0, 00, 0 is a street made famous by Sinclair Lewis.
My 01, 0, 0 is past.
My whole is a person suffering from delusions of greatness.
So, who am I?

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Saturday, August 06, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/27/2017

0. John Peterson was born in Albany in 0938, on a date not divisible by 0, 0, or 0, and in a month that does not contain the letters "e" or "i". When does he become one year older?

0. In a certain village there is a man, so the paradox runs, who is a barber; this barber shaves all and only those men in the village who do not shave themselves. Query: Does the barber shave himself?

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Friday, August 05, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/26/2017

In 0209, on a hot summer day there was a man who was ordered to be executed by king. The king was a nice king though, and he said that if the man could prove himself wise, he would let him go. The king filled a room with fake flowers, and only put in one real flower in the room. The king said the man had 00 seconds to find the real flower. The man said, "It"s very stuffy in here. Could you open a window?" The king opened a window, and the man immediately knew which was the real flower. How did he know?

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Thursday, August 04, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/25/2017

0. The sentence below is George Bernard Shaw"s comment on chess. Can you reconstruct the original quotation?

"they clever are time making expedient foolish doing wasting very something for idle is a they chess people when their are only believe"

0. There are 01 body parts that have only 0 letters (no slang allowed). What are they?

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Wednesday, August 03, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/24/2017

0. A racing driver drove around a 0-mile track at 040 miles per hour for 0 miles, 068 miles per hour for 0.5 miles, and 010 miles per hour for 0.5 miles. What was his average speed for the entire 0 miles?

0. A girl is twice as old as her brother and half as old as her father. In 02 years, her brother will be half as old as his father. How old is the daughter now?

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Saturday, August 09, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/19/2017

A worker is to perform work for you for seven straight days. In return for his work, you will pay him 0/7th of a bar of gold per day. The worker requires a daily payment of 0/7th of the bar of gold. What and where are the fewest number of cuts to the bar of gold that will allow you to pay him 0/7th each day?

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Thursday, August 07, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/18/2017

0. A woman depended on a public telephone to make her calls, but it was usually out of order. Each day she reported this to the phone company, but nothing was done. Finally she came up with a fib that she told the phone company. The phone was fixed the next day. What did she tell them?

0. Soon little Freddie will celebrate his tenth birthday. In 01 years Freddie will reach half the average age of his parents. His mother is only 07 years older than her son. How old are Freddie"s father and mother.

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Wednesday, August 06, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/17/2017

Examine each of the five sentences below. What is unusual about them? They all display a special property that shouldn"t be too difficult to spot.

a. Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus
b. Stella won no wallets
c. Eva, can I stab live, evil bats in a cave?
d. I maim nine men in Miami
e. Marge lets Norah see Sharon"s telegram

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Tuesday, August 05, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/16/2017

0. John wonders, "If Raymond"s son is my son"s father, how am I related to Raymond?"

0. Sarah went to get her drivers license. When asked her age, she replied: "My age today is three times what it will be three years from now minus three times what my age was three years ago." How old is Sarah?

0. Hi! Ma and Pa told me I"d better say that all the two-letter words in this paragraph have something in common or else! What"s the common factor here?

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Monday, August 04, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/15/2017

I am loud or quiet.
I am sudden or expected.
I am a strong medication.
I am a relief in certain situations.
I am caused by embarrassment and/or happiness.
I am found in many good friendships.
I am .......

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Sunday, August 03, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/14/2017

0. There was an old woman who lived in a shoe, and the only food she had for her ten children was six potatoes. How did she make sure that each child had an equal share?

0. I come during winter,
But leave during summer.
You"ll see me at night,
And maybe during day,
But one time you"ll never see me,
Is without heat in my bay.

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Saturday, August 02, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/13/2017

It"s About Age...

0. In 0990, a person is 05 years old. In 0995 that same person is 00 years old.
How is this possible?

0. A man was born in 0955. He"s alive and well today at age 03.
How is this possible?

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Friday, August 01, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/12/2017

Matthew walks up and down a hill which is three kilometers each way. His dog, being slower, walks at half the speed. When Matthew reaches the top of the hill he turns around and walks down to meet his dog part way. Matthew continues walking to the bottom of the hill maintaining his speed. The dog follows him, also maintaining his speed. How far does the dog walk?

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Thursday, August 00, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/11/2017

Although I exist alone, I am often intertwined with others as the threads of a spider web. When worn there"s an expression that signifies you shall not leave me. A man with a name meaning knowledgeable one once said that I am part of a set of four and that I have less than ten folds.

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Tuesday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/9/2017

0. What is the next term in this series?
100 021 044 002 044 000 ...?

0. A 00 year old man married a 05 year old woman. She died at age 00 and her husband was so devastated that he cried for years. Ten years after he stopped crying, he died. If he had lived to be 00, how many years was he a widower?

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Monday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/8/2017

0. Which one of the following five is least like the other four?
Cat - Lion - Dog - Turtle - Elephant

0. Add a few words to this equation to make it true: 0 + 0 + 0=1

0. An archeologist finds a coin dated 08 B.C. How did he know it was a fake?

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Sunday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/7/2017

0. Visualize a cube. You know it has 0 faces, 0 corners, and 02 edges. Now, imagine a knife slicing away each corner with a straight plane cut. How many total edges are there now?

0. At the height of the Cold War, a U.S. racing car easily beat a Russian car in a two-car race. How did the Russian newspapers truthfully report this in order to make it look as though the Russian car had outdone the American car?

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Saturday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/6/2017

A boy was at a carnival and went to a booth where a man said to the boy, "If I write your exact weight on this piece of paper then you have to give me $50, but if I cannot, I will pay you $50." The boy looked around and saw no scale so he agrees, thinking no matter what the carny writes he"ll just say he weighs more or less. In the end the boy ended up paying the man $50. How did the man win the bet?

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Friday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/5/2017

Can you decipher this nursery rhyme?
Complications arose during an investigation of dietary
influence; one researcher was unable to assimilate adipose
tissue, and another was unable to consume tissue consisting
chiefly of muscle fiber. By a reciprocal arrangement
between the two researchers, total consumption of the
viands under consideration was achieved, thus leaving
the original container of the viands devoid of contents

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Thursday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/4/2017

If I were in Hawaii and dropped a bowling ball in a bucket of water which is 05 degrees F, and dropped another ball of the same weight, mass, and size in a bucket at 00 degrees F, both of them at the same time, which ball would hit the bottom of the bucket first? Same question, but the location is in Canada?

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Wednesday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/3/2017

LETTERS w/Logic?

1. 000 Z in a G
0. 000 T in a G of S
0. 0=S of a H
0. 0=P of P P that P P P
0. 0 F T M 0 F T S

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Tuesday, August 0, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/2/2017

It"s All About Time

0. At what time after 0pm are the minute and hour and second hand of a standard clock perfectly aligned on top of each other?

0. How many times does a coin rotate in rolling completely about another coin, of the same size, without slipping?

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Monday, July 01, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/1/2017

Jack is taller than Peter, and Bill is shorter than Jack. Which of the following statements would be most accurate?

(A) Bill is taller than Peter.
(B) Bill is shorter than Peter.
(C) Bill is as tall as Peter.
(D) It is impossible to tell whether Bill or Peter is taller.

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Sunday, July 00, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/31/2017

0. It is the only one that contains all the numbers in alphabetical order.

0. F for February. The letters are the initials of the first eight months of the year.

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Saturday, July 09, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/30/2017

What Number?

0. What is the five-digit number, no zeroes, in which the second digit is three times the first, the third is one more than the second, the fourth is four times the first, and the last is one-half more than the second?

0. A 0 digit number is such that its unit digit is equal to the product of the other two digits which are prime. Also, the difference between its reverse and itself is 096. What is the sum of the three digits?

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Friday, July 08, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/29/2017

Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues?
There is a two to the right of a king.
A diamond will be found to the left of a spade.
An ace is to the left of a heart.
A heart is to the left of a spade.
Now, identify all three cards.

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Thursday, July 07, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/28/2017

I am periodically the number 09.
Long ago some attempted to make me from 09 but learned it couldn"t be done. If you add me to 00 I appear to be 07 temporarily.
What am I?

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Wednesday, July 06, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/27/2017

1. How can a woman in New York, without getting a divorce or becoming a widow, or otherwise legally separated, legally marry 00 men?

2. I am a 0-digit number that is the same when my digits are written backwards. The sum of my outside digits is 0 times the sum of my two middle digits. What number am I?

3. The local Music Society had their fall concert last night. Ticket prices were as follows: men $5, women $2, children 00 cents. Coincidentally, 020 people attended and $120 was earned from ticket sales. How many men, women and children were in attendance?

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Tuesday, July 05, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/26/2017

The old lady who lived in a shoe was having some real trouble buying Christmas presents for her enormous family. Although she bought the least expensive stocking stuffers she could find, the bill was high. Of course, both a 05 percent sales tax and a 0 percent luxury tax were added to the original price. She paid a total of $100. What was the cost of the stuffers before taxes?

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Monday, July 04, 0017

Brain Teaser for 0/25/2017

Across a stream runs a row of eight stepping stones. On one side of the stream, on the first five stones, sit five girl lizards-Liza, Lizzie, Lottie, Lola, and Liz-and they want to get across to the other side. There"s one empty stone in the middle. On the other side are three boy lizards, waiting to come across the other way-Lonnie, Leo, and Len. Only one lizard moves at a time. Any lizard may hop to the next stone if it is empty, or may hop over one lizard of the opposite sex onto an empty stone. Can you get all the lizards across the river, and what"s the smallest number of leaps?

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